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Forget the past and don't worry about the future; the present belongs to the V6. Today there are V6s in large cars, V6s in small cars and V6s in trucks, crossovers and vans.

The V8 may be first in the hearts of American gearheads and fours are more frugal, but the V6 is what we drive today. So here now, Edmunds. Greatness for the purposes of this list is defined as superiority in the context of the car's production era, standard setting for future vehicles, advancing automotive technology and being plain wicked bitchin'.

The 25 Greatest V6-Powered Cars Ever

By those standards, every vehicle listed here slots in perfectly. This list is not limited to regular production vehicles, but only two racecars made the cut and everything else was produced in quantity. Five Americans made the list, three French machines go figurethree Italian-made, three Germans, three Brits, one Korean, one Irish and fully five Japanese. And if you want to get picky, one of the Americans and two of the Brits have Japanese-made engines, and the Irish car's power plant was built in France.

Mix and match the nationalities anyway you like. But it gets big points for audacity; it's a car built through the sheer will of one man. With this car John DeLorean proved to the world he could build a real, albeit flawed, car from scratch.

But he couldn't build a business to support it. Way back inthis brilliant machine was available with all-wheel drive, Magnetti Marelli's "Selespeed" automated six-speed manual transaxle and the glorious Jet Thrust Stoichiometric JTS direct-injection, hp 3.

The Brera was a stunner in every way. Too bad it was never sold here. But there was still life in the four-cylinder A and it went on to win the first World Rally Championship in The result was a French car sophisticated enough to take on Porsche's At least it did for a while. Using GM's latest direct injection DOHC, valve V6, the base Camaro had hp aboard when it was introduced, and that was bumped to hp in time for the model year.

For perspective, that's two more horses than what was offered in the 5. Incidentally, the first Camaro V6 was available in the model year. That 3. Much of the credit for that goes to the hp, 3. Yes it's the same engine that powers the Avalon, Camry and Sienna minivan. It works great in this Lotus. While a turbocharged four is available, Hyundai's muscular 3.Display Options. Already know the part number you need? Click here to enter them directly into your cart.

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The 9 Greatest 6-Cylinder Engines Of The Last Decade, According To You

Delivery Options If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly. International delivery.When it comes to crossoversthe V6 engine is waning in popularity.

That said, V6 engines are still prevalent in larger vehicles. Case in point: the best-selling Toyota RAV4Nissan Rogueand Honda CR-V crossovers are exclusively fitted with naturally-aspirated inline 4-cylinder engines, with displacements of 2. A V6 option is not offered.

While V6 engines are offered in the Ford Edge and Explorer, the Ford Escape can only be equipped with a 4-cylinder engine, the smallest of which is a mere 1. The Chevrolet Equinox was the best-selling small crossover to offer a V6 engine in While a 2. The Explorer offers two V6 engine choices: a naturally aspirated 3.

While the 3. The Explorer has a maximum towing capacity of 5, pounds. The Jeep Grand Cherokee offers a superb combination of luxury and legendary off-road capability. The base engine is a conventional 3. You'll definitely want to consider the optional 3. The turbodiesel engine sets the Grand Cherokee apart from most SUVs and crossovers, by producing an impressive lb.

The Toyota Highlander is the most popular crossover with a V6 to offer three rows of seating, as well as a hybrid variant. Looking for more MPGs? All V6-equipped Highlanders have a towing capacity of 5, pounds. A naturally aspirated 2. A refresh is expected for the model year. The Hyundai Santa Fe is a solid value with a nicely appointed cabin, a generous ,mile drive train warranty, and a powerful V6 engine under the hood. Towing capacity is 5, pounds. Edge buyers have a choice of two V6 engines: a naturally aspirated 3.

The AWD 2. An EcoBoost four is offered as well. While Kia offers three engine choices in the stylish Sorento, starting with a 2. Fancy a small turbo motor instead? The Sorento EX and Limited are fitted with a turbocharged 2.

Tackling tough terrain? Because rocks. The downside? And the engine? The direct injected DOHC 3.It eventually grew to 3. The 4. Its many achievements include kicking out over bhp per litre despite being naturally-aspirated, picking up a ridiculous amount of awards, and powering the celebrated E46 M3.

v6 engine

Oh, and the M Division-spec Z4s, plus a Wiesmann or two. It might not enjoy quite the same revered status of the S54, but the twin-turbo N54 has plenty of admirers. In fact, a simple remap can safely crank the power up to bhp.

In a world where most of its rivals are going down turbocharged avenues, you have to give Jaguar a nod of respect for sticking to superchargers with its V6 and V8 engines. A bhp, 4. All this clever tech results in a 3. When it comes to running a specialist, low-volume sports car company, it pays to keep things as uncomplicated as possible.

However, TVR thought differently in the s, deciding to start creating its engines from scratch, commissioning engineer Al Melling for the design and development work. The Speed Eight came first, followed by the Speed Six. The latter engine - a dry-sump lubricated, all-alloy all anger straight-six - was used right up until the company entered its lengthy hiatus inpowering cars like the Tamora and Sagaris.

In the Sagaris, it displaces 4. Click here for the original comment thread! Please confirm you agree to the use of tracking cookies as outlined in the Cookies Policy. Sign in or register. Matt Robinson 4 years ago Remind me later.

Share Tweet Email Whatsapp. Ford Barra inline-six Suggested by Eoin. General Motors LF4 Suggested by me. TVR Speed Six. Sort by Best Sort by Latest. Show Comments. Sign in to your Car Throttle account Before you sign in Please confirm you agree to the use of tracking cookies as outlined in the Cookies Policy. I agree.The number of cylinders that an engine contains is an important factor in the overall performance of the engine.

Each cylinder contains a piston that pumps inside of it and those pistons connect to and turn the crankshaft. The more pistons there are pumping, the more combustive events are taking place during any given moment. That means that more power can be generated in less time. Four-cylinder engines commonly come in "straight" or "inline" configurations while 6-cylinder engines are usually configured in the more compact "V" shape, and thus are referred to as V6 engines.

V6 engines were the engine of choice for American automakers because they're powerful and quiet, but turbocharging technologies have made four-cylinder engines more powerful and attractive to buyers.

v6 engine

Historically, American auto consumers turned their noses up at four-cylinder engines, believing them to be slow, weak, unbalanced and short on acceleration. However, when Japanese auto makers, such as Honda and Toyota, began installing highly efficient four-cylinder engines in their cars in the s and '90s, Americans found a new appreciation for the compact engine.

Japanese models, such as the Toyota Camry, began quickly outselling comparable American models. Modern four-cylinder engines use lighter materials and turbocharging technology, like Ford's EcoBoost engine, to eke V-6 performance from more efficient four-cylinder engines. Advanced aerodynamics and technologies, such as those used by Mazda in its SKYACTIV designsput less stress on these smaller turbocharged engines, further increasing their efficiency and performance.

As for the future of the V6, in recent years the disparity between four-cylinder and V6 engines has lessened considerably.

But V-6 engines still have their uses, and not only in performance cars. Trucks that are used to tow trailers or haul loads need the power of a V-6 to get those jobs done. Power in those cases is more important than efficiency.

How Gas Compression-ignition Engines Work. Did cars ever have external combustion engines? Prev NEXT. How Are 4-cylinder and V6 Engines Different? The Fusion V6 Sport comes standard with a 2. Associated Press.Enthusiasts love a big V8 engine, but it's time for the V6 to shine.

We recently compiled a list of our favorite V8 enginesbut V6 engines have become just as important, if not more so than the big V8. For one, fewer cars are built with a V8 engine. Many models especially affordable ones have been ditching it in favor of smaller powerplants.

V6 engines have had a rep for being a bit dull and lacking personality, but they are now enjoying something of a renaissance with some amazing new offerings on the market. The second generation Porsche Panamera is an incredibly impressive car, even with the most basic engine.

The base 3. The more powerful V6 is actually smaller at 2. This engine produces a whopping hp in the Panamera 4S and hp in the Panamera 4 hybrid. The most powerful Panamera models still use turbocharged V8 enginesbut Porsche has shown that a V6 can offer incredible performance and impressive hybrid fuel economy.

These models use a 3. V6 muscle cars have always been a bit of a disappointment compared to their V8 counterparts. However, the new Chevy Camaro finally has a great sounding V6 engine with amazing performance.

v6 engine

This 3. The supercharged V8 ZL1 may still be the ultimate Camaro, but the V6 model finally has performance that doesn't make you embarrassed that you "only" bought the V6. Most of the performance luxury sedans have dropped cylinders in the last few years. The M3's inline-six is very powerful, but lacks the amazing sound of our fourth choice, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

This 2. The Giulia's V6 sounds very different than other engines and produces a very healthy hp. The Giulia is the most powerful car in its segment and has one of our favorite V6 engines on the market today.

One of our favorite V8 engines on the market was the 5. The Jag's V6 is also impressive, making our list of the best sounding V6 engines of all time. The V6 engine may finally be coming into its own. Alfa Romeo. Add first comment. Now Buzzing. Model Overview. Login Sign Up. By Make. By Car Type. By Price.It is the tenth digit that gives you the model year for GM.

15 Best Sounding V6 Engines

For example my examples only apply to gm vehicles Remember 10th digit from the beginning, left to right. A B C D E F Etc We have another 20 years worth of letters Thanks for reading. You can always check your model year by looking in your drivers side door jamb and it will give you model year.

If it was assembled in July or later it's probably a model year later than listed.

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN codes)/GM/VIN Codes

GM has traditionally encoded the platform as the fourth character of the VIN. Other content includes an engine code and manufacturing plant. GM's VIN format is as follows:. GM used a lettered system of automobile platform codes for three decades. These letters were used as the fourth position of the VIN. Though today's GM platforms use Greek characters, they are still encoded with Latin characters in the fourth position.

Position five encodes the specific model and trim level of the vehicle. Missing Entry: Corvette Z06, vin code S 5. GM encodes the engine type in character 8 of the VIN. The following table outlines the various engines encoded there:. It continued it's second iteration, the LG8 3. VIN code T also designates a 3. Such as the 4. Each Year has different break down for each code, a complete list would be a subject of its own. Along with Plants and some model break downs over years.

Missing Entry: Limo with engine code 7, is not listed. According to one source the limo engine is a 5. There is a mistake for The engine code for 4. List of GM Factories 2gcec13y Also mistake on Country codes GMC light trucks are not listed.